What is your order cancellation, exchange, refund, or return policy?

Information regarding our order cancellation, exchange, refund, or return policy can be found on the refund policy page 

What is the shipping/processing time for orders?

All orders take 7-8 business days to process before shipping out.

What size shirts do you offer for products?

Sizing information may vary for each product listing.  Please be sure to double check the size information in each product listing. The product and sizing information will help you select and order the shirt with the ideal fit.  Shirts ordered may fit differently than the ones you normally wear.

Do you consider custom design orders?

We might be able to fulfill a customer order, but it all depends on what is required.  Please contact us regarding customer orders so that we can evaluate if the customer order will be possible.

Do you offer wholesale options for your products?

No.  At this time we do not offer wholesale options for our products?

What is your contact information for comments and questions?

You can contact us by sending us a message via the contact us form